Our Concept/N’s Concept

Our Concept/N’s Concept
<One of the Best for You>

We constantly strive to create new products and think outside of the box.

Yoshihisa Nishikawa gave form to his idea as a craftsman.

Sachio Hongo has long supported the archery industry.

Prompted by a strong desire to manufacture universally-friendly archery bow handles, they were engaged in product development.


Some people criticized us for creating archery tools without much consideration and not understanding how hard that sport is.
Some people refused to even have a meeting with us, because our company used to be just a small local factory.


We, however, never gave up our passion for producing ultimate bow handles for archers.
We have pursued bow handles which elevate the potential of each archer in accordance with changes in the times and in clients’ needs.
We are dedicated to the development of products that have higher performances than the required grade.


“We generated new value through our challenge. ”

Of course, failures were unavoidable and inevitable in the development process, but even at that time, we were encouraged by many people’s support and our unwavering belief to go beyond our own limits.


NISHIKAWA ARCHERY now really started to take off.

And it is YOU who inspires our new out-of-the-box thinking and drives us to engage in new challenges, go beyond our own limits, and experience new potential.


One of the Best for “You”

N’s History


NISHIZAWA, that used to be one of the main manufacturers of archery tools, was always in pursuit of the goal of perfect performances.

Their archery bow handles with a lower pivot point were the world’s first such product. The new products have been acclaimed worldwide for their form, which is well-balanced, achieving fantastic results in international competitions.


“We have such outstanding performances and technological capabilities that nobody else can imitate them.”

We are confident that this product meets the high-level demands of top-level archers aiming to become world-class players, and provides world-leading performance, accuracy, and durability.


“With just one shot, you’ll be sure of its technological capabilities.”

We succeeded in creating a deadly silent bow, responding to needs of top-level archers.

Our mission is to support archers aiming to become world-class players through the development of products with the best technological capabilities.