The distinctive legacy of decades of “Made in Japan”

The DNA of the new SH-02 is founded upon the distinctive legacy of decades of “Made in Japan”, world record setting and Summer Games medal-winning archery equipment. It is our aim to carry the spirit of these brilliant achievements to the next stage. SH-02 is the first “Made in Japan” riser in a decade, available now.

Innovative Limb Interface System

The SH-02 was designed according to the demands of top archers aiming to win in international competitions. The design focuses on reducing the vibration that occurs at the joint between the riser and the limb, with a corresponding increase in accuracy and shot-to-shot repeatability.

SH-02 Spec.

・Aluminum alloy

・Movable plunger system PAT. No.6446148

・Eccentric locator system PAT. No.6514379

・Size: H23, H25

・Color: Black, Silver, Blue, Red, Green


Features of SH-02

The outstanding feature of SH-02 is its innovative limb attaching system. Focusing on the joint between the riser and the limb, we succeeded in suppressing the vertical and horizontal vibration that could not be prevented with the conventional structure. The energy loss transmitted to the arrow has been reduced. The release feeling at shooting has also been greatly improved. In addition, the eccentric locator system makes it easier to align the limbs. Center shot tuning can be performed in a short time. The new movable plunger system allows you to freely select the height of the plunger according to the needs of each archer.

The eccentric locator system of SH-02 is compatible with all limbs

HOYT type limb pins have different dimensions depending on the manufacturer. The SH-02 also has an eccentric locator that can cover all pins.

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Vibration comparison test (internal measurements)


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