President’s Message

I had always been interested in archery, but there was no opportunity to participate in this sport in my schooldays. A few years after graduation, adjusting to a new work environment, I came across an unexpected opportunity to do archery. That’s when I found the joy of being involved in archery and became increasingly fascinated by it.
Gradually, however, I felt awkward when doing archery.
Why don’t we have Made-in-Japan archery bow handles?
I had a vivid memory of the Olympians who proudly used Made-in-Japan archery bow handles in the Olympic Games. A member of the archery federation that I had got involved in told me that all Japanese manufacturers had already withdrawn from the archery product market.
An archer with whom I was practicing was complaining to me about the stress caused by archery bow handles. Foreign-made archery bow handles were not necessarily applied to the Japanese (or Asians) physique, since they were tailored to fit foreign people with a relatively larger physique.
With determination and passion, I, as a manufacturer, began with a strong commitment to overcome this issue.


Restoring Made-in-Japan Products

With our motto, “We have to present archery tools that suit the Japanese body shape”, we prototyped by watching and imitating, but the first unit turned out to be a total flop.
I really appreciate that many people understood our passion to restore Made-in-Japan products and continued supporting us.

The realization of Made-in-Japan products began, thanks to NISHIKAWA SEIKI SEISAKUJO CO., LTD. and others who cooperated with development.


Development of SH-02

High-end models, worthy heirs of products manufactured by NISHIZAWA, which used to make some archery products.
Manufacturing Made-in-Japan archery bow handles and delivering them to customers is a source of great pleasure for us.
Please take a look at our exclusive products, each created by craftsmen, and feel the sense of pride and technological achievement in their work.


Lastly, we would like to express our appreciation to all the people who cooperated with our restoring Made-in-Japan projects. We will continue to strive to produce products which will not disappoint the expectations of customers.


Representative Director
Yoshihisa Nishikawa